Day 2 breakfast

The “new” rules of Whole30 say that white potatoes are now allowed. Far be it from me to forgo home fries. 🙂

Day 2 Breakfast
2 whole organic eggs with home fries in coconut oil
(Uncooked yolks creep me out, hence why they are fully fried)



Day 1 epic shopping trip and recipes

I’m going to start logging some interesting recipes here for future use as I attempt to compile my shopping list.

Olive Oil Mayo

Roasted Cauliflower

Chocolate Banana Shake

Carrot fettuccine

Sauteed Zucchini with Mint and Basil (minus the pine nuts!)

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Day 1 Breakfast

It didn’t happen if it’s not published online, right? So begins my Whole30 challenge. Challenge indeed as I am doing the program as a breast feeding vegetarian, which makes taking in enough protein paramount to my success.

Why am I starting this journey?  Lots of research online regarding various health predicaments that I don’t really want to delve into fully on the interwebs.  I’ve read the book “It Starts with Food” and it all seems to make sense.  Only.. this program is meant for meat eaters.  Meat eaters who eat lots and lots of meat.

Beginning a new diet while breastfeeding is not advised, but I am doing this program not for weight loss but for overall general gut health, and insulin resistance and PCOS, both of which impact the ability to breastfeed anyway.

At the end of this, I’m hoping to have some stabilization in my health and if baby lets me sleep, maybe feel more relaxed and energized.  Here’s hoping.

And with that, I give you:

Breakfast, Day 1
1/2 cup egg beaters
1 cup broccoli


Now it’s time to go shopping for vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables. I will miss you, pasta and bread. (Sniff, sniff)